Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The disadvantage of putting together a project like this in my sparetime, without a full development team, is that it can be slow to complete. As a result, it is possible for a handful of former Google developers to launch a site that is very similar to my idea.

Allow me to introduce Likaholix

What does Likaholix have going for it? Well, it has scoured the web, creating a database of things to like. This makes it easy for you to create a "like" and get it posted. But, if I like to "do" something (like running... which I don't actually like to do), it becomes difficult to create that like.

What will be different about plggr? Well, the technology will be different, for one. I am using a Microsoft technology stack (e.g. .NET, SQL Server, MS Indexing Service, etc.). At the time of release, there will be a limited amount of auto-created plugs. And, I won't be giving away any Kindles. Maybe I'll do hugs. Doesn't everyone want a hug?

Am I worried, or feeling defeated? No. Here's why: I'm passionate about this, and am having a lot of fun working on it. Plus, according to Geoffery Moore, the first to market isn't always the best.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Life is what happens when you are trying to get a project off the ground. Sorry for the recent lack of posts, but there have been some changes that we wanted to announce. Because there has been a lot, this is being done list-style
  • First of all, there is now a logo. Take a look. Make comments.
  • plggr is now on Twitter. Follow us! (http://twitter.com/plggr)
  • New tag-line. The first one didn't sit well with the public. Now, plggr is "Spreading the Love". Take a moment and discuss.
  • While we are getting the site up, we will be posting "celebrity" plugs on the blog. If you are a friend of plggr, keep an eye out for an invitation to put up some plugs.
That is everything for now. Keep coming back!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tag, You're It!

I love it when companies have great tag-lines. In my opinion, a "great" tag line is the perfect combination of wit, subtlety, and description. A tag-line isn't really a slogan, but often one can take the place of the other. Nike's "Just Do It" is a slogan, not a tag line. It really doesn't describe anything about Nike or indicate what type of service or product they provide. It makes sense that Nike, with all their offerings, doesn't have a tag-line. Plus, almost everyone sees that swoosh and identifies it with the brand. 

Which raises the question, do you need a tag-line when you already have a powerful brand? Are tag-lines only really neccessary when no one has a clue to what you are, or what you do? Take Digg for example, they usually say "Discover the Best of the Web".  It's hard to dissect a great tag line when the good things are so obvious. It simply doesn't need to be explained. 

From the start of plggr, I didn't know how to explain it in an "elevator pitch". I needed a way to get people to listen to me for two minutes, based upon the first 10 seconds. plggr needed a tag-line. Well, here it is (well, for now):

plggr: Stuff People Like

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The First Plugs

While development is going on, I want to start throwing up some links of things I will be plugging as soon as the site is live.

A friend of mine turned me on to Red Oak. Based out of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the winery gets their grapes from California and the barrels from France. Then the experts work their magic to create wines that are as good, if not better, than some of the big name bottles from France or Sonoma/Napa. Plus, they are afforable. And amazingly good.

Will, in my mind, is the definition of a rock star. Based out of Nashville, his soul & lyrics are nothing but sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll. His live shows are the best that I've ever seen. And, he does it all without a major label backing him and his band. 

Aside from my "real job", I also work for the Manchester Wolves arena football team. I needed to plug them. No, I'm not plugging my "real job" for the time being.

My fiance works for this team, so I couldn't plug my team and not do hers.

dishKarma is a project from a couple of friends (one of whom turned me on to Red Oak Winery and Will Hoge). They are passionate about this, and helped inspire me to get off my ass to make plggr work.

That's about it for now. There will be more.

The End of Negativity

First of all, plggr is pronounced "plugger".

Welcome to the first post for plggr! This blog will keep everyone updated on the status of plggr as it builds towards launch. Until then, let's start answering some questions.

What is plggr?

plggr will be a social media site that will allow individuals to submit their own "plugs" for stuff. I know that "stuff" is a broad term, and that's the point. If you want to plug a new album, an artist, a wine, a restaurant, an activity, clothing, or a store, you can. This is a short list. At first I thought the list would be comprised of nouns, but what if you like snowshoeing, running, or blogging? Why can't you plug those? Well, I guess you can. 

Of course, there is a chance that someone will have created the plug before you. In that case, you can plug it as well or at least vote for that plug. The more something is plugged, the quicker it will rise to the top. The "top" will be either the homepage, a result-set of a search, or category page.

Wait. Isn't that Digg?

Kinda. Digg is site that lists user-submitted websites. The rating system helps submissions get to the homepage from member interst (i.e. "diggs", thumbs-ups, etc.) or they will never see the light of day because they are buried or dugg-down. But, if you think about it, this provides a snap-shot of the web on a current date. Sure, there are things that resurface, but you are constantly being presented with new news articles, images, and blogs that are appearing on the web.

plggr will allow for plugs to float-up as sporadic interest takes hold. Think of Britney Spears. She's always around, but her popularity seems to spike at times. If she were a plug, maybe she would hit the homepage when she shaves her head, releases an album, or flashes her... nevermind.

Is there anything else that's different?

Yes! First of all, there will be no negative reviews or buries. I love the idea of positivity. Plus, if you don't like something that someone else has plugged, then go plug something different. Someone was passionate enough about something to try and spread some word-of-mouth, why would you want to take that away? As I was explaining plggr to someone, I used the example of Pizza Hut. It is a guilty pleasure of mine; why would you want to take that away from me?

There's one more trick: the more you plug, the more weight your vote carries. If you plug the new club in your city, and then 1,000 people plug it after you, you will get 1,000 "points". The users with the most points will be identified as trendsetters. Therefore, they are the people that you want to watch.

The more you plug, and the eariler, will make a world of difference.

I like it. What's next?

What's next is development. There is already database work underway to make the system quick & efficient. Also, a great designer is being hired to make everything look great. 

In the meantime, check back to this blog to keep up-to-date on what's happening with plggr.